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Visual Art

LIC Artists, LIC, NY
Queens Museum Framing Aids 2009
Queens Courier: Framing Aids 2009.
The Meat Space Gallery, Queens Council in the Arts,
Project Diversity

I participated in the Queens Museum
A Book About Death
Our LIC page
Local Project Gallery in LIC
QMAD, Queeens Media Arts Development

The Dancing Poetry Festival grand prize winner, Eve Dreaming
Your Face is a Cathedral
is a finalist on the Aquirelle poetry website
Scroll down and find my picture here
National Catholic Reporter: Psalm #1
Perspectives: Once a Little Girl,; Trust;
Congratulations from the
Winning Writers web site for "Eve Dreaming"
Temenos: Learning Russian; Perfection

Hector Canonge
Karen Fitzgerald
Priscilla Proudwoman Stadler
Helaine Soller
Caroline Sun
Chin Chih Yang